General Policies and Information

  • All students are required to come to class in proper dance attire, including proper shoes. All of the specified dance attire is enforced for the safety of the student, as well as the freedom of movement and uniformity in class.
  • Place your name on all belongings. Images In Dance is not responsible for lost articles.
  • If a student must miss a class, please contact the studio prior to the scheduled class time.  Regular and timely attendance will increase a student’s progress. There are no refunds or make-ups for missed lessons, however, if necessary, class assistants will work with children before, during or after class to catch them up on steps they have missed.
  • Parents may observe classes anytime from the windows. Passing through or sitting in the dance rooms while classes are in progress is prohibited. There will be two scheduled watch weeks where parents may observe in the classroom.
  • Notices and messages will be emailed, handed out in class, and posted on the bulletin board inside the waiting area. If you are not on our email list please email Robin at
  • Students should not be left unattended before or after classes. Our staff is not able to stay later than class time or watch children when another class is in progress.
  • Students should act in a respectful manner towards teachers, staff, classmates, parents, fellow students and the facility.
  • There will be no running or "rough housing" allowed on the studio premises.
  • There are no street shoes allowed on any of the dance floors.  Please leave shoes and outside attire at the designated area near the entrance.
  • Please keep your belongings picked up and water bottles and wrappers disposed of properly.

Helpful Studio Location Information

  • BATHROOMS:  In Perry they are located just as you enter the studio and in Akron they are down the hall to the right.
  • PARKING:  In Perry, lighted parking is directly in front of the studio and in Akron lighted parking is in the side elementary parking lot off of Bloomingdale Ave.
  • PICKING UP YOUR CHILD FROM CLASS:  We will only dismiss our younger children, 12 - under, directly to the parent or designated guardian.  Parent/guardian's must come into the building to pick up your children.  Older students are asked to wait inside the building until your ride comes.  You can watch from the waiting room door for your parents to pull up.

Weather Advisories

During the winter months in the WNY area please use your discretion in deciding whether or not to bring your child to class.  In many cases we have students traveling from various towns where the weather could be much different than that of the studio location.  Safety is always first.  Please give us a call if you are unable to attend class that evening because of the driving conditions.

If we must close one or all of the studio locations due to weather, there will be a message left on the answering machine at each location, or check with us on Facebook.

Annual Dance Recital

Our dance production is a celebration for each student and gives them a chance to display his/her accomplishments made during the year. The student also has the opportunity to perform live which helps to develop the student's self-confidence and showcase their talents.   Each year our dance production is held at a local high school auditorium, with a stress free rehearsal held prior to the performance. Dates of the recital and rehearsals will be distributed as soon as they are available.